Brent Christians
Brent was born in Sibley, Iowa in 1966 and graduated from a small private Christian college ... more

Gordon Graves
Gordon was born in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1952 and committed his life to the Lord in 1971. ... more

Curt Grindal
Curt was born and raised in a Christian home in Kansas and moved to Houston, Texas upon ... more

Logan Irvin
Logan was born and grew up in Dallas, Texas where he became a Christian in the spring of 1974. ... more

Phil McAdams
Phil was born in Austin, TX in 1957 while his father was finishing his degree at the ... more

Sandy Sanford
Charles Sanford, nicknamed Sandy, was born in Dallas and was blessed to be raised in a ... more

John Smith
John was born in Muskegon, Michigan in 1964 and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in ... more

James Watkins
James is a native of Pagosa Springs (born at Mercy Hospital in Durango) in June 1956. At the ... more

Mike Pena