Dear Volunteers,

Thank you so much for your desire to serve the Lord at Centerpoint! We are excited to have you as part of our team, and pray that God would use you to touch the lives of those around you while giving you great joy in your service! As part of our commitment to the safety of our church family, we are asking all of our volunteers who work with our children to allow us to perform a background check on them. It does not include any information on credit history, but focuses solely on any prior involvement with the law--such as felonies, etc.--that would be important for us to be aware of. If you are uncomfortable in having a background check performed on you, we understand and respect your privacy, and would encourage you to seek out ministry opportunities that do not include working with our children or youth. If you would like to visit with me about this process, please call the office and set up a time that we can get together. We look forward to serving the Lord together with you!

Pastor Jon

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